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The strength of our company is to own the leading IT database resources in Vietnam, especially IT engineers who known Japanese as well as experienced recruitment consultants with excellent consulting skills. Certainly, we will be your partner, your companion on the path of successful development of businesses in IT industry. Besides, we are constantly creating value for the candidates, helping the candidates get closer to their “Dreams”.

In addition, we always put the benefit of the Employers and Candidates in the first. With our best services, we help for our customers solving Human Resources problem, specially saving the cost at maximum. About the candidates, we listen and understand your dream, furthermore supporting develop and fulfill your skills which isn’t available. We-HRI is longterm partnership.



Our aim is meet the demands for candidates from medium to high-level management for the IT corporations: SA; BrSE; PM; Dev; BA; Tester; Comtor.... For start-up businesses, we offer them our consulting service and overall solutions for human resources from A – Z: director, PM, team leader; dev.


Companies can also request our short-term staffing services for their projects. Bodyshop is the wise choice to lower the costs as well as avoid the risk of HR redundancy.


We understand the needs in increasing employees’ potential and motivation. Having trouble with improving your staff’s competences? You came to the right place!


HRI’s services do not stop with recruitment. HRI brings extensive know-how and experience in ODC setup and management. Along with that, protecting the information we hold about our customers is an absolute priority


  • Expert Recruiters: 50 experienced IT recruiters
  • Big Database: we own the IT industry database with 400000 of candidates
  • Quality Candidates: 90% candidates are suitable for customer information
  • Efficient Service: Average time to submit CV from 3 to 5 days
  • No Hire, No Fee: Success-based recruiting service


If you wish to look for a job in Japan or with a Japanese partner, please take a look through our recruitment procedures
for the best preparation before entering a new route in your career. We thank you for your interests.


1 Recruit requirements from Party A (A) to Party B (B) include:

List of Vacancy; Job Description; Job Details (publicly available to applicants); Applicant’s expected salary;

Time-line for each vacancy; Bonus Policy, opportunities for applicants, company’s common policy; Information of Contact person; Other requirements if necessary.

2 Recruit requests & services supply made by B

Contact with A for full recruit information;

B’s confirmation of Services supply according to Step 1.


3 Searching for potential applicants for A

Applicant’s resume;

Further notices about applicant (if any).

4 A's confirmation of receiving potential applicants

Confirmation from A must be within 2 working days. In case of additional time, a notice must be made to B (no more than 5 days);

If A has no response later than 5 days, the applicant will be appointed by default by B.

5 Contact details of applicants & contact person

6 Examination & Interview by A

A sends B detailed schedule of interview session (no later than 2 days since A confirms applicant’s status)

– Direct contact with applicants for interview can be made by A, full interview session must be informed to B.

– or B will inform applicants about interview session.

– Applicants must be informed 1-3 days in prior to interview

7 Interview results & offers

A informs B of interview results within 01 working day.

Offers will be made to selected applicants.

Offers from B can be made based on A’s feedbacks.

Negotiation of offers between B and applicants.

Offers sent to applicants by A; B’s representative will be informed.